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1. Dartmoor's alluring uplands. Transhumance and pastoral management in the Middle Ages

by Fox, H.

Material type: book Book Publisher: University of Exeter Press 2012Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: B.50/F] (1).

2. Sensory nerve endings and receptors in fish and amphibians

by Fox, H | Lane, E.B | Whitgear, M.

Source: The skin of vertebratesMaterial type: article Article Publisher: Academic Press 1980Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: P.113 Fish 50(24)] (1).

3. South Devon: economy, society, culture

by Fox, H.

Source: Fishery, trade and piracy. Fishermen and fishermen's settlements in and around the North Sea area in the Middle Ages and later. 1. Papers from the Colloquium at Oostende-Raversijde Provincial Museum Walraversijde, Belgium, 21-23 November 2003Material type: article Article Publisher: Brussel Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed (VIOE) 2006Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: BT.50/P] (1).

4. Mediaeval fisheries along the coast of South Devon (England)

by Fox, H.

Source: VLIZ Special Publications. Vlaams Institut voor de ZeeMaterial type: article Article; Type of continuing resource: Publisher: 2003Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: SE.I/Bm.2] (1).

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