Student Reading List RSS feed for public list Student Reading List Algae - an introduction to phycology by Hoek, C. van den An introduction to embryology by Balinsky, B.I. An introduction to general and comparative endocrinology by Barrington, E.J.W. An introduction to marine biogeochemistry by Libes, S.M. An introduction to marine ecology by Barnes, R.S.K. An introduction to marine geology by Keen, M.J. An introduction to the invertebrates by Moore, J. An introduction to the study of protozoa by Mackinnon, D.L. An introduction to underwater acoustics. Principles and applications by Lurton, X. Antarctic fish and fisheries by Kock, K.-H. Aquatic chemistry. An introduction emphasizing chemical equilibria in natural waters by Stumm, W. Aquatic productivity: an introduction to some basic aspects of biological oceanography and limnology by Russell-Hunter, W.D. Biological diversity. The coexistence of species on changing landscapes by Huston, M.A. Biological oceanography by Miller, C.B. Biological oceanography: an introduction by Lalli, C.M. Biology of marine mammals by Reynolds, J.E., III Changing sea levels. Effects of tides, weather and climate by Pugh, D. Conservation and management of marine mammals by Twiss, J.R., jr Dynamics of marine ecosystems. Biological-physical interactions in the oceans by Mann, K.H. Early life history of marine fishes by Miller, B.S. Ecology of marine sediments. From science to management by Gray, J.S. Environmental economics: an elementary introduction by Turner, R.K. Environmental stress, adaptation and evolution by Bijlsma, R. Estuaries - a physical introduction by Dyer, K.R. General oceanography: an introduction. by Dietrich, G. Light and life in the sea by Herring, P.J. Marine botany: an introduction by Dawson, E.Y. Marine fisheries ecology by Jennings, S. Marine macroecology by Witman, J.D. Oceanography. An introduction by Ingmanson, D.E. Oceanography. An introduction to the marine environment by Weyl, P.K. Sea Ice by Thomas, D.N. Seabirds and other marine vertebrates. Competition, predation and other interactions by Burger, J., (editor) Sharks of the open ocean. Biology, fisheries and conservation by Camhi, M.D. Symbiosis: an introduction to biological associations by Ahmadjian, V. The marvellous animals: an introduction to the Protozoa by Curtis, H. The natural history of the Crustacea. by Chang, E. S. The sea surface and global change by Liss, P.S. The visual system of fish by Douglas, R. Understanding the oceans. A century of ocean exploration by Deacon, M. Weather and life: an introduction to biometeorology by Lowry, W.P.